LLM Personal Statement


Your LLM application contains a number of important components that tell admissions counselors about your academic and professional history. Each of these items is important, but the most powerful portion of the application packet is your personal statement. Your personal statement for your LLM application gives the admissions counselors the opportunity to evaluate your writing skills and gives you the opportunity to let them know who you really are.

The personal statement for your LLM application can be difficult to write, and it can be even more challenging if you are applying to more than one school and have to write multiple essays. To assist you, here are a list of tips that will be helpful to keep in mind while writing:

Let your personality shine.

Unfortunately, LLM programs are highly sought after and no school is able to accept everyone who applies. As a result, admissions counselors often use personal statements as a deciding factor when it comes down to two equally qualified applicants. They want to know that students will bring something unique to the classroom and that their diverse experiences will contribute to a healthy learning environment. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal in your statement; this is the opportunity to let them know what makes you unique!

Show, don’t tell.

The most successful LLM personal statements showcase your individuality by showing what makes you different. That being said, admissions counselors do not want to read statements like, “My culture is important to me and makes me unique.” They want to read interesting examples about the activities you are involved in, what you love about your career and the time you give back to your community. Show them what separates you from the crowd.

Don’t get too much “help.”

We encourage you to ask for help and have your personal statements checked for grammar and spelling errors. Errors can distract the reader, and you don’t want the message of your personal statement to get lost because you failed to proofread. However, do not let someone else change your writing style or how you represent yourself. Everyone has his or her own style, and if you ask 10 people for feedback, you are going to get 10 very different answers. Don’t change your style or tone too much. Remember: The admissions counselors want to get to know you.

Answer the questions.

It can be difficult to write a personal statement for each of your LLM applications, but don’t try to take a shortcut by writing a generic personal statement and submitting the same one to every school. The questions are being asked because the LLM program administrators really want to hear your answers to their questions.

Be concise.

Admissions counselors want to give each application the time and attention it deserves, so follow the page/word limits for your personal statements. It shows that you value the application counselor’s time and that you are able to follow guidelines. Also, it leaves more room for them to get to know you throughout the coming year!

More tips

If you have more questions about LLM personal statements and would like to see some samples, check out GO LLM Admissions Consultants’ page 7 Tips for Writing Your LLM Personal Statement.