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Arizona State LLM Programs

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law of Arizona State University offers 5 one-year, full-time or part-time LLM programs, in addition to the option of a Customizable LLM. These programs are appropriate for foreign and U.S.-trained lawyers who wish to gain knowledge in a specialty area of the law, particularly in the following areas outlined below.

Arizona State LLM in Biotechnology and Genomics

The LLM in Biotechnology and Genomics is for students who want to study the science and policy of biotechnology and genomics, and how these fields of science are applied, developed, and controlled. The program also includes other areas of intersection between science and law such as intellectual property and agricultural law and policy and is offered in affiliation with Arizona State University’s Center for Law, Science and Innovation.

Arizona State LLM in Tribal Law, Policy and Government

The LLM in Tribal law, Policy and Government is for lawyers who plan to work with tribal governments or study Native American legal issues. The program is offered by Arizona State University’s Indian Legal Program and is marked by intensive academic study of tribal law and federal Indian law with a focus on real-world application. A total of 24 credit hours in addition to clinical experience are required to receive the degree. Students may have the opportunity to receive court practice in tribal, state, and federal courts, draft tribal codes, and conduct research projects for tribal and federal governments. As part of the program, students will have the chance to work with ASU’s renowned, award-winning Indian Legal Clinic, which handles criminal prosecutions and defense, code provision and rule drafting, and civil actions for tribal governments and conducts research and policy formulation on issues affecting the Native American community.

Arizona State Customized LLM

The Customized LLM gives students the option to to create their own degree program. With the help of the Director of Graduate Law Programs and select faculty members, students choose from over 150 course offerings to plan out a course of study completely personalized to his or her academic needs and professional interests.

Arizona State LLM in Global Legal Studies

The LLM in Global Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary program which draws upon sustainability, anthropology, policy study, and political science to inform students’ understanding of global legal issues. Among the topics which coursework for the program covers are global health, trade, human rights, the environment, and emerging technologies. The program also allows students opportunities to conduct research in areas such as global health, public-private governance, human trafficking, transitional justice, and human rights indicators with the Center for Law and Global Affairs.

Arizona State LLM in Public Health Law and Policy

The Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law LLM in Public Health Law and Policy is designed to prepare students to become leading practitioners and policymakers in the field of public health law, policy, and theory. The program studies public health from national and international perspectives, and human rights, bioethics, international economics, biotechnology, also comprise essential parts of the curriculum. The curriculum also potentially explores other areas of special legal interest, such as disabilities, the environment, international trade, patents and intellectual property, and insurance, and allows for student research opportunities. To receive the degree, students in the program must complete 24 credit hours, consisting of 6 required course credits and 9 elective credits. The required courses include the 2-credit course Public Health Law & Ethics, the 3-credit course Health Law & Policy, and the 1-credit Seminar in Advanced Issues in Public Health Law. Elective offerings include FDA Regulation, Mental Health Law, Medical Malpractice, International Human Rights, Bioethics & the Law, and the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Clinic.

Arizona State LLM Admissions

Required application materials include:

  • Application submitted online through LSAC
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of interest
  • Resume
  • Letters of Recommendation (2)
  • Legal writing sample
  • Application fee

Arizona State LLM Tuition

To view tuition information, visit the Arizona State University Law School website.

Arizona State LLM Scholarship

All law school students receive automatic scholarship consideration. View a full list of scholarships offered by the Sandra Day O’Connor College of law and by private donors. For more information on scholarships, visit our LLM Scholarships page.

Arizona State LLM Employment

The Career Strategy and Professional Development Mentoring Center provides law school students with individualized counseling, mentoring, professional training programs, summer and post-graduate public interest fellowships, diversity job fairs and internship programs, externship programs, panel discussions, networking CLE events, and student-attorney mixers. Employment statistics can be viewed here. A list of U.S.-based recruiters of Arizona State law school students can be seen here.

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