University of Maryland Law School LLM

University of Maryland Law School LLM Program

The University of Maryland LLM degree program is for both U.S. JD graduates and foreign law graduate holders of equivalent degrees from their home countries. For JD graduates, the LLM program offers an opportunity to gain specialized training in an advanced field of law. For international law students and practitioners, the LLM allows the opportunity to become familiar with the U.S. legal system. The program is intentionally kept very small, with each class size limited to only 10 students, such that each student is ensured individualized attention.

A total of 30 credit hours must be completed by each LLM student to receive the degree. Of these 30 credit hours, 24 must be taken from law school courses. The program also requires the completion of a 6-credit written thesis done under the aegis of University of Maryland Carey School of Law faculty members. The thesis must be an original scholarly work of a caliber sufficient for publishing. In addition, at least 12 of the 24 course credits must be taken from a chosen specialty area of study. The LLM program allows for the following specialty programs:

Each specialty program offers students clinic and externship opportunities, conferences and symposia, a graduate network, specialized curriculum, participation in student organizations, and access to faculty scholarship and research.

LLM students must maintain a minimum 2.67 average and be enrolled full-time for at least two semesters (enrolled in between 11 and 17 credits per semester) in order to fulfill the law school’s residency requirement. Students have up to 2 years to complete their LLM degrees.

University of Maryland Law School LLM Admissions

Applications to the University of Maryland LLM program must be postmarked by mail or submitted online by the application deadline of April 1. The University of Maryland begins to accept applications on September 1. Each application much contain the following materials:

  • Application form via LSAC
  • $70 application fee paid online by credit card
  • Official transcripts and academic records
  • Resume or CV
  • Statement of scholarly intent (maximum 1000 words)
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • TOEFL score
  • FAFSA application
  • Diversity statement (optional)
  • Application for in-state residency (if applicable)

University of Maryland Law School LLM Tuition

University of Maryland LLM tuition for the academic year can be found on the school website. Rates differ for full-time students who are out-of-state residents and for in-state residents.

University of Maryland Law School LLM Scholarships

All accepted students to the University of Maryland Carey School of Law LLM program are considered for David Hoffman Fellowships, which award tuition assistance of $5,000 to select LLM students and are named after David Hoffman, the founder of the school. Enrolling students with exceptional qualifications will be chosen by the scholarship committee and encouraged to apply for the fellowship. However, because the amount of fellowships the Law School can offer is limited, students are encouraged to look into outside sources of financial aid. For more information about scholarships for LLM students, check out our LLM Scholarships page.

University of Maryland Law School LLM Employment

LLM students at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law can take advantage of the resources offered by the Career Development Office, which include individualized career counseling, job search strategies for employment in various sectors from public to corporate, resume and job application review, resume collection, job postings, workshops and consortia on professional development topics, programs for mock interview, interviewing skills, and fall recruitment, and job fairs and consortia. Applicants should note that completion of the University of Maryland LLM program will not qualify them to sit for the bar exam.

University of Maryland Law School LLM Contact

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Baltimore, MD 21201-1786
Phone: (410) 706-7214
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