Open University of Hong Kong Online LLM in Chinese Business Law

Students who are considering participating in the online Master of Laws (LLM) in Chinese Business Law program at the Open University of Hong Kong will find a wealth of useful information and links in the sections below.

Open University LLM Tuition

For the 2012-2013 academic year, tuition at Open University of Hong Kong is set at HK $81,900 for “Pathway 1” and HK $54,600 for “Pathway 2” (more on pathways below). For students opting to take single courses, each five-credit course costs HK $6,825.

Open University LLM Admission

The Open University LLM program is offered twice yearly, with classes commencing in April and October, and typically takes one and a half to two years to complete. Admission deadlines are set for March and September, respectively. Admission requirements vary according to the particular program “Pathway” chosen:

  • For Pathway 1, students must either possess: 1. a recognized degree in law, business or a related discipline, or 2. a recognized degree in a non-law or non-business discipline with a minimum of three years’ professional or managerial experience related to law or business.
  • For Pathway 2, students must possess a recognized master’s degree in law, business or a related discipline.

Open University LLM Curriculum

The Open University LLM program is centered on issues relevant to Chinese business law. Offering cross-border and comparative perspectives, the Open University LLM program is well suited for business management professionals in Chinese-foreign joint ventures or foreign enterprises, and attorneys advising clients with ties to China.

There are a wide variety of courses offered in the program from several topic areas:

  • General Chinese civil law;
  • Legal practice areas, such as contract law, business organizations, intellectual property, finance, antitrust, foreign trade law and more;
  • International legal issues;
  • Analysis of comparative legal schemes in places such as Hong Kong, England, Australia, Canada and China’s other significant trading partners;
  • Business-specific topics.

A total of 60 credits (comprised of 40 core credits and 20 elective credits) are required for graduation on Pathway 1, while only 40 core credits are required for graduation on Pathway 2. Learn more regarding specific course and credit requirements.

There is also an early exit point for students who have accumulated 20 credits and who wish to depart with a Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Business Law. In addition, single courses are also available for those interested in focused, limited coursework in particular classes, but who do not wish to pursue additional credentials.

Chinese language proficiency is not required for admission into the Open University LLM program, as it is offered in Chinese (Putonghua) or in English, according to student preference.

Open University LLM Technology

The program is delivered online, as opposed to in-person at a university campus. Lectures are offered via real-time video, and course readings are made available via an online platform. Access to the law library, multimedia materials, animated and interactive learning activities, recorded lectures and more are also available online, 24/7. Correspondence with instructors and classmates occurs through email.

Learn more about the Open University LLM program.